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Isa D
Hello to everybody!
We're a married couple and we both are semi professional, semi-amateur photographers.
We love nature,animals,new(ecological)innovations and technological goodies!

Current Residence: Planet Earth
Favourite genre of music: rock,metal ,classical...
Operating System: windows 7 & Vista


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 1, 2012, 1:07 PM


i am iytj and this is my second account isider :iconisider:
i've been tagged,ages ago by spearheart

so i have to write ten things about me!

ps : i've never done this before.

1. i am Isa , a semi-amateur , semi-professional photographer.
2. i'm married to a video editor.
3.i love 3d art very much!
4.i adore science fiction!
5. i love all animals very much but,felines are my favorite ones!
6. AstroPhysics and QuantumPhysics are my passion!
7. i studdied ,Classical Music,Piano, Orchestration and History of Art.
8. i adore nature and i want the best for our Planet.
9. i'm a tech victim!i love technology very much , as long as it doesn't harm or damage the Planet.
1o. i hate liars,thieves and corrupt politicians.




that Life is one, all living beings having a common origin and having diversified in the course of the evolution of the species;

that all living beings possess natural rights, and that any animal with a nervous system has specific rights;

that the contempt for, and even the simple ignorance of these natural rights cause serious damage to nature and lead man to commit crimes against animals;

that the coexistence of species implies a recognition by the human species of the right of other animal species to live;

that the respect of humans for animals is inseparable from the respect of man for another man.


Article 1
All animals are born equal and they have the same rights to existence.

Article 2
a) Every animal has the right to be respected.
b) Man, like the animal species, cannot assume the right to exterminate other animals or to exploit them, thereby violating this right. He should use his conscience for the service of the animals.
c) Every animal has the right to consideration, good treatment and the protection of man.

Article 3
a) No animal should be submitted to bad treatment or cruel actions.
b) If the death of an animal is necessary, this should be sudden and without fear or pain.

Article 4
a) All animals belonging to a wild species have the right to live free in their natural environment, and have the right to reproduce.
b) Each deprivation of freedom, even for educational purposes, is in opposition to this right.

Article 5
a) Every animal that usually lives in a domestic environment must live and grow to a rhythm natural to his species.
b) Any change to this rhythm and conditions dictated by man for mercantile purpose, is a contradiction of this law.

Article 6
a) All animals selected by man, as companions must have a life corresponding to their natural longevity.
b) To abandon an animal is a cruel and degrading action.

Article 7
Working animals must only work for a limited period and must not be worked to exhaustion. They must have adequate food and rest.

Article 8
a) Experiments on animals that cause physical and mental pain, are incompatible with animal rights, even if it is for medical, scientific, commercial or any other kind of experiment.
b) A substitute technique must be investigated and developed.

Article 9
In the eventuality of an animal bred for food, it must be fed, managed, transported and killed without it being in fear or pain.

Article 10
a) No animal should be used for entertainment.
b) Animal exhibitions and shows that use animals are incompatible with anÊ animal's dignity.

Article 11
Every action that causes the unnecessary death of an animal, is cruel which is a crime against life.

Article 12
a) Every action that causes the death of a lot of wild animals is genocide, that is a crime against the species.
b) Pollution and destruction leads to the extinction of the species.

Article 13
a) Dead animals must be treated with respect.
b) Violent scenes, where animals are the victims, must be forbidden at the cinema and on TV, unless they are for the demonstration of animal rights.

Article 14
a) Protection and safeguarding associations must be represented at government level.
b) Animal rights must be defended by law as are human rights.

:iconblue-heart-duh: :iconblhplz: :iconblue-heart-duh: :iconblhplz::iconblue-heart-duh: :iconblhplz:

:iconttaasst::iconredheart-plz::iconhrtplz::iconorangeheart-plz::iconrbheartplz::iconyellowheartplz::iconzutara-plz::icongreenheartplz::iconiamimmortalbeloved::iconblueheartplz::iconcocoheartplz::iconvioletheartplz::iconcharmmykittyplz::iconpinkheart-plz::iconrainbow-heartplz::iconmelimelo::iconblack-kittenplz::iconblackkittyplz::iconheartcatplz::iconlovecatplz: :iconzafiro-chan:
:iconsabyworld::iconkawaiipinkukokoroplz::iconpinksparkleplz::iconclaustrawberry::icondarkroze::iconcuteicondividerplz::iconlovelyheartsplz::icontiphankeplz::iconcyansparklesplz::iconblacklovelyheartsplz::iconcolorheartsplz::iconloveturquoiseplz: :iconloveorangeplz: :iconlovepinkplz::iconheartafireplz::iconshinyheartplz:  :iconloveblackplz: :iconlovebottleplz:   :iconredheartsplz::iconkittylicksyouplz::iconpinksparklyheartplz::iconpinksparklesplz::iconcolourspashplz::iconfur11::iconkittycloudplz::iconhellokittybounceplz::iconsparklyroseplz::iconwoohooplz::iconcreepglompplz::iconsuperheroglompplz::iconlittle-cats: :iconlilplz::iconfireworks2plz::icongizmoplz::iconbellydanceplz::iconhulaplz:

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i do want to thank again for the inspiration chrisntheboat and VickyM72 kuzy62 KRYPT06

white heart bullet light pink heart bullet pink heart bullet lilac heart bullet purple heart bullet dark purple heart bullet dark blue heart bullet blue heart bullet turquoise heart bullet emerald-green heart bullet green heart bullet yellow heart bullet orange heart bullet salmon heart bullet red heart bullet brown heart bullet black heart bullet gray heart bullet

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  In Love  Commission for starwolf260 - Plz account :heartyfaint: :loveangel love-love-love Heart Jump Rainbow of love Emoticon Love :heart1: :hearts: Floating hearts 1:heart2:

aridity by iytj


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for Mark... by iytjArtists... by iytjlava by iytjthe calling... by iytj
towers for Lara by isidersummoning by iytjPi for wolfsorcerer by isiderfor Vicky.M by iytj

Heart by PeaceMagikFree Heart Icon by Sonic-Lover9
Thank You 5 by AudraMBlackburnsArtHUGS FOR ALL OF YOU! by AudraMBlackburnsArt    Explodicon 3: Barrage by Wooded-Wolf :icondoublehugplz:


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